General facilities and services

1. Recombinant proteins

- production (bacterial, yeast, insect, mammalian)

- purification (LC, FPLC, HPLC – affinity, gel filtration, ion-exchange chromatography)

- characterisation (CD, MS, Fluorescence, CE, SDS/PAGE, Western, ELISA, BiaCore )

2. Gene-to-Protein service (from custom DNA sequence to engineered proteins)

3. Protein Engineering (mutagenesis, structure-based design, directed molecular evolution)

4. Cell culture and cell line engineering laboratories

5. Phage display selection technology (peptides, proteins, mimotope, antibody, IVE)

6. Large-scale fermentation (2-100 L) and downstream processing.

7. Antibody development and production (from target DNA sequence to monoclonal antibodies)

8. Cytokine development and production (recombinant and labelled cytokines

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